Accra Hotel

In this Accra hotel post, I'll be continuing my discussion of the Golden Tulip hotel. Where before I focused on the infrastructure and amenities of that place, here I'll be talking more about the experience that it is trying to create for the persons who stay there. Let me begin.

First of all, the Kotoka International Airport is only a short drive away from this Accra hotel. For convenience, the hotel provides a shuttle bus for free so this will take away some of the hassle of tourists and travelers having to make use of public transportation once they arrive in the city of Accra.

This Accra hotel offers an expedited reception. What this means is that, even at the airport, a service is in place so that a traveler can already pre-register for the hotel, without having to leave the airport. This pre-registration acts as an advanced check in so that upon arrival at the actual hotel, the check in process there will be that much more rapid, and the traveler can proceed more quickly to enjoy the amenities.

Check in time for the rooms is anytime after 2 p.m. In the event there may be some difficulty during the arrival at the hotel, there are information desks available in both the main lobby and the business center.

If you happen to get yourself an executive suite, you can then proceed to take advantage of its private jacuzzi. If you get yourself an executive apartment, then you will also have access to your own living room area, as well as a small kitchen. If you would rather have space all to yourself, away from the other guests, you could choose to stay in one of the chalets.

With respect to meals at the hotel restaurant, a healthy food line is offered for the more health conscious. What this means is that the meals served here are low in fat, low in calories, and have no preservatives.

Check out time is anytime before noon. The hotel steps in to provide the forms necessary to expedite the process of going through the airport. Again, a free shuttle bus is offered in order to make the trip to the airport from this Accra hotel that much more convenient.